❤️Cat of the Week ❤️ (5-29-23)

Bibs came from a house of 20 other cats. When we found him, Bibs was suffering from a major UTI. We had to post a GoFundMe to help pay his surgery expenses. With the help of our community, Mr. Bibs is now a very social, friendly, and loves to cuddle. Let's help Mr. Bibs find a forever home.

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If you are interested adopting a cat, please contact us, we can set up an appointment. 

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Cat of The Week (5-22-23)

Chocolate Chip came to us as a feral kitten. Cookie, Oreo, and Chocolate Chip, is a family of a feral mama and 2 kittens. Chocolate Chip and Oreo took a long time to trust people, but now Chocolate Chip is ready for adoption and a happy home. Chocolate Chip is a bit shy, but is playful and loves feeding time.

Cat of the Week (5-15-23)

Inky comes from a feral mama and feral litter of 4. Inky has come a long way of socializing with people. Inky is curious and playful but very shy. He loves food and his afternoon treats. Inky needs to find a loving forever home 🏡 to complete his happiness.

If you are Interested in Inky, please contact us

❤️Cat of the Week ❤️  (5-8-23)

Here is Spooky, a 3 year old black cat. Spooky came from a very sick feline leukemia colony. Spooky and her sister were the only survivors in their litter, Spooky has tested negative, and had a clean bill of health from the vet!

Spooky is a beautiful, calm, quiet cat. If you are looking for a lap cat, Spooky is the one for you. Please call us today and make an appointment!!

❤️Cat of the Week ❤️ (4-17-23)

Meet Mamasita, a very calm, gentle mama cat. We rescued her from a trailer of 30 unfixed cats. Mamasita came with a litter of 7 kittens. She transitioned very smoothly for her trailer to our sanctuary. While she was nursing her kittens she also assisted with other orphan kittens. If you would like to adopt a well mannered, calm, gentle cat; call us today and make an appointment!!

Please share Mamasita’s picture and story. Help us find a fur-ever home for Mamasita!!

To adopt Mamasita please contact us at:


[email protected]


Cat of the Week (4-3-23)

Pinball is a cat that needs no introduction. He is the first to greet you at the door and walk you right out again. Pinball is extremely friendly and curious. But he wasn't always that way. Pinball was brought as a kitten in a litter of 6 other kittens and a feral mom cat. We were able to fix and release mama cat, and kept the kittens to socialize. Pinball is ready for his furever home!! Let's help him find a family to be part of!!

Cat of the Week (3-27-23)

Meet Loba a large and friendly cat that loves attention and cuddles. She was born into a litter of 5 kittens, with a feral mama cat. We were able to fix the mama and release her. All kittens were adopted but Loba and her brother Reverant. Make an appointment to see Loba today!! 

❤️Cat of last Week ❤️

Meet Buttercup. He was in a litter of 4 kits, and a feral mama cat. Mama cat was fixed and returned to her colony. We were able to adopt out 2 others but have 2 left at our sanctuary (Buttercup and Orange Peel)

Buttercup is a playful cat that loves to be pet on the belly, he likes to relax for most of the day. If you would like a chill companion, contact us today! 😺


Cat of the  Week (3-6-2023)

Here's 8 Ball, our smallest cat at our sanctuary. He was born by a feral mama cat in a litter of 4 kits. Unfortunately 8ball was the only surviving kitten. His sad start in life has not slowed him down. Even with his small stature; almost kitten-like, he is very social, and playful. He was born April 19, 2021. Let's find 8ball a home before his 2nd birthday!!

Cat of the Week (2-27-23)

Meet Goose. This fun, crazy, and very lovable cat came from a “cat house” with over 20 cats in it. At first, Goose was a dominate male, he had to control every situation with the other cats. After working with Goose, he is now a playful, lovable cat that Loves attention, and cuddles.

Please like and share!! With your help we can Find Goose a good home 🏡

To adopt Goose please contact us at:


[email protected]


Cat of the Week (2-20-23)

Meet Vector. This rambunctious guy was brought in as a kitten. CCC reported to a farmers house where a mama cat had a litter of kittens in the farmers small attic. We were able to climb in and shimmy this little guy out. Unfortunately Vector was the only surviving in the litter. Today Vector almost 2 years old, very playful and loves to cuddle and be talked to. 

Please help us find a home for Vector.


Cat Of the Week (2-13-23)​

Meet our big boy, Chunk. We named chunk when he was a kitten. Chunk was the biggest baby in his litter. Chunk is another cat we pulled out of a "cat house" Chunk was a little scared when we took him in, but easily adjusted well. Today Chunk is a big ball of fun! He likes to laze around the house and play just before we go to bed. 

Come meet Chunk and LET's FIND CHUNK A NEW HOME!!

Cat of the Week (2-6-23)

Meet Mercury. We picked up Mercury from a trailer of 21 cats. Mercury had a very sick litter of kittens when we rescued them. Mercury is a shy and gentle cat, that needs a home.

If you know someone that might be interested in Mercury; please SHARE

To adopt Mercury please contact us at:


[email protected]

Cat of the Week (1-30-23)

Meet Our Precious

Precious was picked up late night, sitting in the middle of a busy street. Luckily Precious was not harmed, just shaken up. But this little girl was pretty sick, the Vet was able to treat her in time. This little girl is a total sweetheart. She is incredibly playful, curious, and loves to cuddle! We know you are going to love her long soft fur and loving attitude.

Precious may look small, but she is fully grown. She is 1 year old.

Please help us find a home for Precious, SHARE her story and picture to a friend or family member. 



This is Aggie, this little girl has a little mustache so we named her after our NMSU mascot. Aggie is the kitten of our 1st “cat of the week,” Tiger. Aggie came from a very large colony of cats, Aggie’s mother did her best to keep her litter safe and fed. When the kittens came to us, they were unsocialized and sick. Now Aggie is a very playful, and curious. Please help us find a home for Aggie!!!

To adopt Aggie please contact us!

Check out Aggie's artwork on PurrfectPicsBySelina.Etsy.Com

Cat of Week (1-16-23)

Meet Honey, he is almost 2 years old. We took in a pet mama cat with a feral litter of 3 kittens. CrucesCoolCats was able to spay the mama cat and return her back to her previous owners, and kept the kittens to tame as pets. Honey is now a loving, playful, happy cat that would love to go home with you. Please help us find a furr-ever home for Honey ❤️🐈

To adopt Honey please contact us at:

5756440869 or

[email protected]

or SHARE this to a friend or family member!

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Our First Cat of the Week

Tiger was adopted a week after we posted her story. Tiger now has a beautiful home with 2 other cats to share with. THANK YOU to everyone helping us find Tiger a new home.

Please support our Sanctuary 

It takes so much work to fix, vaccinate, and socialize our cats. Please help us help our cats have a healthy and happy future!!